ActiveVOS Server Operations & Management


  • Server Administrators and Operators and those who manage or supervise them
  • Developers and Project Managers who desire a deeper understanding of the execution context for their processes

Course Objectives

  • Understand the ActiveVOS Server Architecture
  • Install and Configure both the ActiveVOS Enterprise and embedded servers
  • Learn best practices for process design and performance
  • Execute advanced options for deployment and instantiation
  • Gain experience with basic process and exception management
  • Use advanced server console tools: Alert, Monitoring and System Services
  • Understand performance tuning and server scaling options
  • Learn troubleshooting strategies and techniques

Format and Schedule

ActiveVOS Server Operations and Management is an online, instructor-led course that includes lectures, demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab work. It is delivered consecutively in three sessions that combine online and offline, hands-on lab work. Online lab work in each session is followed by approximately three hours of offline lab work, completed independently by each student.
  • Class times vary according to enrollment
  • Registration closes three business days prior to the first day of the course
  • Contact us for future course dates
  • To purchase and register for the course, please contact the Sales team at 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900 or via email


Topics covered in the ActiveVOS Server Operations and Management training:



Online: Server Architecture, BPMN design Learn about: Workspaces, Projects and Processes, Configuration of Console Services, BPMN basics, Process basics: Events and Activities, Partner Services, Deployment, Process Instantiation and Monitoring
Deployment options, Basic Process Management, Process Exception Management, Installing & Configuring ActiveVOS Enterprise Server Learn about: Logging and Persistence, Monitors and Alerts, Reports, Exception Management, Controlling Instances from the Console, Process Rewind, Changing Data from the Console, Controlling Process Flow, Retry and Retry Policy Service, Logging, Persistence and Database, Maintenance, Scheduling and Storage
Fault handling, Event handling, scopes and review Extend the process with additional BPEL constructs including event handlers, fault handling, scopes, global declarations, assignments and sequences.
Server Performance Tuning & Scaling, Troubleshooting Learn about: Server Properties, Scaling Options, Analysis and Diagnosis, and Troubleshooting


Students receive the full complement of soft copy materials, including lecture presentations, lab exercises and any supporting software files required to complete the lab exercises.

Annotated training content is available.

Pricing and Registration

  • $4995 US per student
  • To purchase and register for the course, please contact the Sales team at 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900 or via email.

Consulting Services

Active Endpoints consultants can help operations teams optimize servers and procedures to ensure smooth operations of business process applications you deploy to ActiveVOS.