Developer Assistance Support

Developer Assistance Support is available to customers who maintain an ActiveVOS annual software maintenance agreement. Developer Assistance Support provides a team of up to five developers with the high quality support services needed to develop business process-based applications.

Developer Assistance Support provides ActiveVOS customers with:
  • The ability to obtain support from our support team via our online Developer Assistance Support forum. Telephone and online-meeting support is available upon request.
  • Assistance between the hours of 08:00-20:00 US Eastern Time, Monday-Friday to five named contacts
  • Annual maintenance and software updates

Developer Assistance Support Overview

Number of Contacts 5
Number of incidents during hours of availability Unlimited
Support (08:00-20:00 US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri) x
Duration 1 year


Annual maintenance and software updates x

Accessing Support

For customers that have purchased support contact us via the Developer Assistance Support forum. Use our forums for best response. We also monitor the on a "best-effort" basis. Use our forums for best response.

Obtain Support

To obtain support, please submit your request via the Developer Assistance Support forum.

Support Details

ActiveVOS support and the named contact entitlements apply to the entire set of product licenses you have purchased. This set includes, for example, all development and deployment licenses you have previously purchased.

Customer Contacts
Support is provided to five named contacts.

Support Hours
We monitor our support forum between 08:00-20:00 US Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. We will respond to your request as it is placed in the queue. During peak support hours, we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Support Forum
The ActiveVOS Developer Assistance Support forum provides you with the ability to:
  • Request assistance with your ActiveVOS orchestration project
  • Report and/or request workarounds or patches
  • Ask questions related to download, installation and configuration of the ActiveVOS Designer and/or Server
This forum can be used to obtain help with process implementation or "how do I do X in ActiveVOS," for example. You can also use our other online forums to look for commonly asked answers and post questions.

This forum is monitored by Active Endpoints Support personnel. Use the forum to ensure the best response time and search it for frequently asked questions. You can also contact Technical Support via Responses to email-based inquiries are on a "best effort" basis.

Maintenance and Software Updates
As a support subscriber, you will also have access to commercial updates to ActiveVOS. When a new version, bug fix or update is available for the product, you will be provided with electronic notification and you will be directed to download the new version or updates. We support the current Major Release and the most recent prior Major Release and their associated Minor Releases.

Error Correction
We use commercially reasonable due diligence to correct verifiable and reproducible errors when reported to us in accordance with our standard reporting procedures. Any error correction, when provided, may be provided in the form of a "temporary fix," consisting of sufficient programming and operating instructions to implement the error correction.

An "incident" to obtain assistance for a break/fix issue or an installation/configuration issues is created when you initiate a request via the Developer Assistance Support Forum. Our support team will work with you to resolve an incident during support hours identified above.

Questions will be responded to on a best-effort basis by our support representative.

Most types of questions can be asked when you open an incident. Assistance with debugging of a project is considered applicable. However, there are limitations to what we can offer such as generating documentation, implementing samples or portions of your project, or assisting you with third party configuration issues. These types of issues need to be handled through a consulting services engagement or our Quick Start program.