Need help getting started? Want validation of your design and implementation? Want to work side by side with an ActiveVOS consultant to deepen knowledge transfer? Active Endpoints' QuickStart service offer is ideal for project teams new to ActiveVOS. QuickStart is designed to help you hit the ground running, and is complementary to our Education and Support offerings.

QuickStart is a five-day program customized to your specific project needs. A dedicated Active Endpoints' consultant empowers your team through knowledge transfer.

Mentoring is a key focus of a QuickStart. Working together, we will identify a project that can be accomplished within the engagement period. We will guide you through the modeling, design, and implementation of your composite business application or a proof of concept that incorporates services and human activities and on-event processing. In addition, we can work with you to explore the ActiveVOS Reporting Framework, which makes it possible for you to create custom activity monitoring reports and analyze trends. Our goal is to enable you to complete your application on your own, or provide you what you need to get started on your first project.

As experts in the visual orchestration of composite business applications, Active Endpoints' consultants can help you with training, design, mentoring and implementation services you need to be successful.

To learn more about any of the above and to discuss your specific needs, please submit your request here, or call our Sales team at 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900.