Classic Cars Demo

ActiveVOS is the most complete and full-featured BPMS available. We have created a demonstration that allows developers and evaluators to see how the power of ActiveVOS can work in their organizations.

This demonstration is based on a fictional company that is in the business of restoring expensive classic automobiles. The Vintage Old Stock company uses the most advanced BPMS, ActiveVOS, to manage all aspects of producing a quote for customers. In this way, the VOS company can respond faster and deliver more accurate estimates, making it more competitive in the highly specialized and competitive classic car restoration business.

This demonstration can be run online and/or downloaded in a fully-customized trial edition of ActiveVOS, making it an ideal source for developers new to BPM who want examples and techniques that can be easily implemented in their applications. As this demonstration was designed to showcase as many features of ActiveVOS as possible, developers and evaluators are encouraged to liberally reuse any of the advanced techniques contained in this demonstration for their own purposes.

Test drive the demo online. Take the Vintage Old Stock demo for a spin. First read the Owner's Manual to learn how the demo works and then race through the steps that automate the car restoration estimate process:Navigate through the demo on your computer. Get behind the wheel and drive the Vintage Old Stock demo locally on your computer to explore the bells and whistles ActiveVOS has to offer. You have two choices:
  • Download the Vintage Old Stock project files. Use ActiveVOS Designer to tinker with the demo - play with the event engine, adjust the workflow and fiddle with the demo projects. If you have already installed ActiveVOS Designer, download the Vintage Old Stock project files here.
  • Download the Vintage Old Stock preconfigured demo environment. Download ActiveVOS Designer with an embedded ActiveVOS Server preconfigured to run the demo on your Microsoft® Windows® computer. Click here to download this version of ActiveVOS and request the license key for the demo environment
Learn how to build the Classic Cars orchestration project. Take the ActiveVOS Concepts and Capabilities course. In one day, learn to create and deploy an orchestration project similar to the Classic Cars demo that interfaces with web services, POJO and human tasks.