ActiveVOS Overview

ActiveVOS is a service oriented process automation platform specifically designed to address the needs of the members of IT project teams – architects, developers and project managers. In ActiveVOS, you can quickly create BPMN2.0 compliant process models that seamlessly integrate people, processes and systems, increasing the efficiency and visibility of your business.

When deployed, ActiveVOS executes BPMN models directly on a high-performance BPEL engine that runs on any standards-based Java Enterprise Edition server, including Oracle® Web Logic Server®, IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, JBoss® Application Server or Apache Tomcat. ActiveVOS offers complete compatibility and rigorous support for open standards, enabling process automation to become a generalized service across the enterprise. In this way, process applications never become an "island" of processing.

Enterprises of all sizes leverage their own IT project teams deploy their mission-critical process applications using ActiveVOS. ActiveVOS offers a rich and productive development environment that not only incorporates BPMN 2.0 and WS-HumanTask open standards, but also provides a set of advanced wizards making it easy to create business process models, system integrations and orchestrations quickly.

ActiveVOS also provides a runtime environment that scales to meet availability, scalability and rigorous performance requirements of enterprises in any industry. With ActiveVOS teams can leverage their existing IT skills to deploy and run production-quality process automation applications in any J2EE-compliant production environment.