Innovation, deregulation and competition are changing the face of the telco industry. The convergence of copper, fiber, wireless and satellite technologies is creating new opportunities for VOIP and rich content delivery while providing a platform for a new brand of competitors. Pricing pressure is fierce at a time when customer acquisition costs and service level expectations are at an all-time high. What's more, service provider consolidation is driving the need to integrate systems quickly and eliminate business process inefficiencies. Active Endpoints' solutions allow carriers to rapidly integrate existing and acquired systems to drive down costs and improve service levels, while enabling new products to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Selected customers in the telecommunications industry:

  • AAPT - subsidiary of Telecom New Zealand (case study)
  • Broadvox
  • Cable & Wireless
  • Siminn
  • TE Data
  • Tele2 (case study)

Media Syndication & Delivery

Dramatic bandwidth increases and advanced handset displays have opened the door for service providers to deliver a multitude of rich content to customers, including music, video and advanced mapping services. Content sources are eager for new outlets, and service providers are well positioned to broker transactions between sources and consumers.

Brokering content between hundreds (or thousands!) of sources and millions of consumers requires new business models and associated technology infrastructures. Service providers must be capable of rapidly "lighting" new content sources, executing both real-time and longer running business transactions and offering consumers the convenience of self-service.

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS solutions provide the process and integration infrastructure that enables service providers to broker the delivery of a broad range of media products. ActiveVOS is used directly by telco service providers developing their own in-house applications, as well as by OEMs delivering vertical solutions to the telco market.

Enterprise Network Services

Today, technologies have evolved such that vendors can add Voice XML (VXML) and Call Control XML (CCXML) to their applications as standard Web services. Through these evolutions, organizations can now easily automate many contact center processes by integrating XML-based services using BPEL. Human workflow can be streamlined, systems integration can be optimized and service levels can be dramatically improved.

A key enabler for next generation enterprise network services is SOA, which promotes the availability of standard software interfaces across applications. As SOA's core process automation standard, BPEL then provides the foundation for orchestrating information flows across operating and organizational domains.

As the world's leading independent provider of SOA orchestration solutions, Active Endpoints products deliver all of the speed and flexibility needed to implement next-generation network services. Our solutions are used by global telecommunications enterprises to power the operations and call centers of tomorrow - today!


Time is money and, in the telecommunications business, nothing is more critical than sending bills out on time. And getting those bills correct is a huge hurdle in its own right. Each year, the telecommunications industry in aggregate loses hundreds of millions of dollars because of inaccurate invoices. The challenges of timeliness and accuracy are compounded by the need to bring new service plans online quickly. Billing for new services is often a manually intensive process, leading to increased errors, customer dissatisfaction and reduced margins.

SOA provides the ideal architecture for addressing complex the systems integration and process automation challenges associated with complex billing applications. As each key function of a billing process becomes service-enabled, it is immediately integrated into the billing application fabric using BPEL. Even the most complex billing components can be seamlessly constructed within the BPEL framework, delivering a coherent, automated billing process. What's more, as new service plans are brought online by Marketing, the SOA framework easily accommodates the addition of new services. Using BPEL, telecommunications companies are creating flexible, durable billing applications that save time and money, improve customer satisfaction, and adapt easily to the introduction of new services.

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS solutions operate at the core of SOA process automation. ActiveVOS provides a best-in-class solution for complex billing applications. Active Endpoints' consulting services can help organizations quickly develop a robust SOA billing framework that can be deployed on a wide range of enterprise infrastructure platforms.