Financial Services

Deregulation and competition are transforming financial markets, driving firms to continually reinvent their products and services. Now more than ever, agility is paramount in the financial services industry. Organizations are under intense pressure to balance customer responsiveness, operational efficiency and business agility. Active Endpoints delivers solutions that allow financial institutions to rapidly repurpose information assets and business processes to address evolving market requirements, without requiring massive disruption to existing operations. Our solutions enable financial services organizations to maintain stability while driving strategic, market-facing initiatives.

Selected customers in the financial services industry:

  • AXA Canada
  • Desjardins General Insurance
  • Die Mobiliar
  • Magyarorszagi Volksbank Zrt
  • M I G BANK
  • Synovus Financial Corp.

Online Banking

Retail and institutional banking customers increasingly demand a complete suite of online services from their financial institutions, including online account management, e-billing and bill payment, charge card services, wealth management, mortgages, loans and insurance.

World-class banking portals require an information foundation that can integrate disparate systems in real time to provide customers with a consolidated, online view of their relationships. In many cases, banks must also integrate external applications to deliver a complete portfolio of services.

Leveraging critical Web services standards such as SOAP, WSDL and BPEL, Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS solutions provide financial services organizations with all of the capabilities needed for building, testing and deploying advanced online applications. Using ActiveVOS, organizations can quickly create portals that integrate internal and external information sources - from transactional systems to analytics to rewards programs - delivering high-value banking services that engender loyalty and customer retention.

Customer Activation and Deactivation

In an era of intense competition, customer acquisition is expensive. It is imperative for financial services organizations to streamline the enrollment process and bring new customers on board quickly. And as customers' needs evolve, organizations must also be capable of enriching those relationships through effective cross-selling and up-selling.

Activation is a complex, multi-step processes that typically involve a wide range of internal and external systems. Accounts must be created; directories and access control lists must be updated; authorizations must be coordinated; transactional and reporting systems must be notified. Deactivation is even more complex because, over the course of a relationship, many services (involving many front- and back-end applications) have typically come into play.

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS products are the ideal solution for managing complex customer activation and deactivation processes. ActiveVOS manages real-time and long-running processes, providing unlimited flexibility to get applications, directories and enterprises synchronized. ActiveVOS's open architecture allows easy integration of external rules and monitoring systems. Using ActiveVOS, financial services firms are implementing sophisticated customer activation/deactivation processes that capture new customers quickly and flexibly support key cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Fraud Management

From check fraud to credit card fraud to identity theft, fraud is an equal opportunity crime. The same technologies that are driving the financial services industry are also available to criminals, making fraud relatively easy to commit and difficult to detect.

Most fraud detection strategies combine application-specific data sampling and data warehouses to compare in-flight transactions with historical transaction patterns. The lack of real-time, cross-application information limits detection to the most obvious fraudulent activities, and also produces a high rate of "false positives."

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS solutions deliver an infrastructure foundation that helps banks stay ahead of the criminals. ActiveVOS integrates flawlessly with fraud detection technologies such as transaction monitors, data sampling and analysis tools and fraud alerting engines. Using ActiveVOS, banks can leverage their applications' growing portfolio of Web services interfaces to perform real-time sampling, analysis, detection and notification, significantly reducing exposure to fraudulent transactions.