Activity Analysis Worksheet

A grid or matrix that one can use to analyze the relationships between the steps in the activity, listed on the vertical axis and who performs the activity, who is responsible for the performance of the activity, decision rules used and opportunities for improvement.

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This week Michael Rowley tackles bugs in BPMSs. Bugs are just a part of life when creating business applications. But what about when you are creating process applications using a model-based BPMS? What happens then? How does the BPMS help you identify - even prevent and eliminate - bugs? Watch this episode to find out how standards like BPMN 2.0 and BPEL work together to help make designing and executing process applications more error-free.

Use a termination handler to control the termination of a process.

Learn more about the use of the RepeatUntil activity to loop through an XML document

See how to loop in a process using the While activity

Learn to use a Pick activity to start a process upon receving different incoming messages types

Learn how to use an onAlarm activity that continues to execute by using the RepeatEvery option

Delve into the Scope activity: its uses, parts and syntax

Understand the use of rethrowing a fault to a higher scope in the process

The basics of SOA-based service orchestration for Java developers.

This document describes the ActiveVOS Server Architecture

Trafigura Ltd, one of the largest independent companies trading commodities, needed to create a platform capable of producing a number of sophisticated commodities market risk reports on a daily basis, in a reliable and timely manner. The platform was intended to be simple to maintain and extend as the company grows and trades new classes of financial instruments. After careful consideration, the ActiveVOS BPEL engine was selected.

See an overview of Active Endpoints and our flagship product, ActiveVOS. The video describes detailed use cases, extensive product highlights and selected customer success stories. Learn how you can use ActiveVOS to automate business processes and increase efficiency across your organization.

Watch this video for a brief overview of Active Endpoints and our flagship product, ActiveVOS.

Get to know ActiveVOS through an in depth live demonstration. Key features of the process automation platform are presented, including a BPMN 2.0 modeler that guarantees that there will be no round-trip problems or translations between BPMN and BPEL, and an AJAX-based, services-enabled forms designer which makes human tasks easy to integrate into system processes. A live Q&A concludes the session.

Vintage Old Stock is a fictional antique car-restoration business that has implemented BPM to improve its core processes of customer service, quoting of restoration jobs and gaining visibility into the turnaround time for a restoration job.

VOSton Mutual is a fictional insurance company specializing in personal property lines of insurance. As the company has grown, so too has the number of claims. To streamline the claims process, customers may submit new claims directly. ActiveVOS is deployed to orchestrate and co-ordinate the claims process.

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