Process Patterns - Message Exchange

The content on this page will help you understand constructs for starting processes, asynchronous interaction, and message and alarm handlers.

Starting Processes

Start a process when messages from more than one partner are required to start the process

Learn to use a Pick activity to start a process upon receving different incoming messages types

Using Asynchronous Behavior

Learn how to communicate between web services using Asynchronous Message Exchange patterns.

Use an asynchronous processing with correlation data

36 mins
CTO Tuesdays episode 4: Message Correlation

30 mins
Engine-managed correlation

Message and Alarm Handlers

Learn to use a Pick activity with an OnMessage handler to wait for a message and an OnAlarm handler stop waiting after a specified duration

Learn how to use an onAlarm activity that continues to execute by using the RepeatEvery option

SOAP Header Handling

This technote guides users on how to map separate WSDL message parts to a SOAP header and its body.