Learn how to use the various capabilities of ActiveVOS, including ActiveVOS Designer, and ActiveVOS Central.

12 mins
A quick tour of ActiveVOS Designer.

8 mins
Learn how to use ActiveVOS Central for reports, tasks and forms.

63 mins
This video describes how the ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) can be combined with the Alfresco enterprise content management systems (ECM) to create compelling end-to-end business applications. ActiveVOS and Alfresco implement the new Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS), enabling these two important technologies to seamlessly work together to produce a new generation of business process applications.

17 mins
Kim Pease, Senior Software Architect, presents sending and receiving messages using JMS transport

Documentation for Web Service Interaction using JMS . It is a companion piece to the "Web Services Interaction using JMS " video above.

10 mins
View a presentation about endpoint policies to enable and use the WS-Security features.

43 mins
One of the most important - and useful - capabilities of a BPMS is its ability to view, alter and fix running processes. In this edition of