ActiveVOS Advanced Training Resources

Thank you for registering for the ActiveVOS Advanced course. This page contains materials for course registrants. If you have not registered, please see Training for details on signing up for a class.

If you are a registered participant, please review all the information on this page. Prior to starting class, ensure that you have completed the prerequisites (found at the bottom of this page).

Course Format

This course consists of four sessions, each covered on a separate, contiguous day. Each day consists of:
  • An instructor-led two-to-three hour online lecture and Q&A session
  • One or more offline labs
  • An optional one hour online lab review
The Course Materials section below contains links to the session's resources including online lecture, lecture slides, lab instructions, and online lab review.



To facilitate presenting the lecture, we ask that you please hold your questions until the instructor breaks. In fact, the conference call may be muted for all participants except the instructor to avoid interruptions from background noises.

You will be able to submit questions during the lecture using a chat tool with the meeting host. Submitted questions will be answered during the group Q&A session.


After the lecture and Q&A, please open and follow the session's lab instructions. You can do this when convenient for you, but you should finish before the designated starting time of the lab review. Note: In the Course Materials section below, we have provided starting projects for your convenience. We have also provided projects containing completed solutions to the labs.

Lab Reviews

At the designated time, dial in to the audio conference call using the information above. You may also visit the session's "Lab Review" link to participate in an online instructor-led lab walk-through.

Course Materials

Below are links to ZIP archives containing the files you'll need for the class. Please be sure to download, extract and verify the contents of these archives prior to your designated class start time.


If you need assistance, please e-mail us at or call us at 203-929-9400 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern.

Course Prerequisites

To gain the most from this course, students should completed the ActiveVOS Fundamentals course, or its equivalent.