ActiveVOS Concepts and Capabilities

Experience the power and ease of use that ActiveVOS offers through a series of hands-on exercises covering the business process life cycle, from process model design through development, deployment and monitoring.

In this one day workshop, attendees will learn how to create and deploy an orchestration project similar to the Classic Cars demo that interfaces with web services, POJOs and human tasks.


Line of business project managers, business analysts and information architects who need a hands-on introduction to ActiveVOS concepts and capabilities.


  • Installation of the latest version of ActiveVOS Designer. Download a supported, 30-day trial of ActiveVOS here.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will have learned:
  • How to create an orchestration project using ActiveVOS
  • Basics of modeling a process using BPMN
  • Techniques used to develop, test and deploy an executable process orchestration
  • How to customize the ActiveVOS Inbox application
  • How to use ActiveVOS to create custom reports and deploy them to the console
  • How to monitor running processes using the ActiveVOS console

Format and Schedule

ActiveVOS Concepts and Capabilities is an online, instructor-led course delivered in a single day. The course combines lecture and hands-on lab exercises.
  • Class times vary according to enrollment
  • Registration closes three business days prior to the first day of the course
  • To purchase and register for the course or to schedule the course to be delivered onsite, please contact the Sales team at 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900 or via email


Students receive a soft copy of all materials, including lecture presentations, lab exercises and any supporting artifacts required to complete the lab exercises.

For the lab exercises, students are required to have already installed the latest version of ActiveVOS Designer on their own computer.

Annotated training content is available.

Pricing and Registration

  • $495 US per student
  • To purchase and register for ActiveVOS Concepts and Capabilities, please contact the Sales team at 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900 or via email.

ActiveVOS QuickStart

ActiveVOS also offers a QuickStart program, a five-day program customized to your project needs.