Informatica, formerly Active Endpoints, is committed to ensuring your success in building business process-based applications using ActiveVOS. We know that delivering value quickly while dealing with a heterogeneous and technically diverse environment can be challenging.

To help you through this, in addition to our Training, Quick Start program, and Services offerings, we offer support. Our support team is co-located with our engineering team to ensure that your needs are addressed in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.

We offer two support options: To purchase any of our support offerings described here please contact by email or call 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900.

Support Resources


In addition to support, Active Endpoints provides an extensive set of online documentation, tutorials and more to help you get the most value from ActiveVOS.

Customer Download

Current customers can obtain the latest version of ActiveVOS, download prior versions, or obtain patches from the ActiveVOS Download Page.