Success Stories

Customers in many industries around the globe have succeeded with ActiveVOS BPMS (Business Process Management System) and benefited from its innovation, ease-of-use and capabilities. Discover why companies like yours chose Active Endpoints software, and learn about the results achieved from their on-going use of ActiveVOS.

AAPT is one of only three providers in Australia's $37 billion telecommunications market to own and operate thier own national voice and data network. This podcast describes why AAPT selected ActiveVOS to improve DSL ordering by its partners.

Using ActiveVOS, CERN successfully achieved its goal of creating an integrated, self-service portal containing automated processes for handling administrative tasks which empowered employees and contractors to focus on their vital research. CERN has completed over 1,200,000 process instances, adding on average, approximately 12,000 new BPEL process instances every day.

Using ActiveVOS helps achieve the ultimate goal of C4ISR: actionable intelligence based on the situation. The C4ISR information required by the soldier in the field is decidedly different from that of the Battalion or Brigade Commander, yet both are derived from the same federated data sources and services. As it does for business logic execution, BPEL provides a common, standards based language by which content can be delivered in a net-centric environment based not only on the user's request, but based on the user's context or role.

EFOS IT Solutions, a Slovenian-based solution provider that specializes in the field of environmental and food safety, deployed ActiveVOS BPMS for the Government of Montenegro to automate its data collection for animal disease reporting. Manual data entry errors were virtually eliminated, increasing the accuracy and consistency of subsequent reports by a factor of ten. Cross-compliance and validation of data entry by various sources were almost impossible before, but could now be accomplished easily and quickly. EFOS’s decision to implement ActiveVOS not only protects human and animal health, but it also helps to minimize the loss to the agriculture industry as a whole.

Fastenal, based in Winona, MN, is the largest fastener distributor in the nation, as well as the fastest growing full-line industrial distributor. Fastenal operates 12 distribution centers, a fleet of 275 company-owned semi trucks and over 2,100 stores. Applications created with ActiveVOS's SOA-based business process management and orchestration system enable salespeople to access inventory information in real-time; process sales transactions; and track orders and report information for the outlet stores.

ActiveVOS is the orchestration software selected to develop and maintain the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Next Generation Identification (NGI) System. The NGI System is a multi-modal, state-of-the-art biometrics system for use by state, local and federal authorities.

GO, a truly converged and integrated telecommunications company offering a wide range of services, is Malta’s first quadruple play operator. GO selected ActiveVOS BPMS to consolidate and modernize its legacy systems for flexibility and growth, in a short amount of time and within a reasonable cost, ensuring the architecture remained vendor independent and future proof.

Upside Research interviewed this government security agency multiple times, speaking with end users and the technical personnel responsible for the design and implementation of the process application. Because of the sensitive nature of the application, the identity of the agency has been concealed. Despite this anonymity, other organizations can learn how to take advantage of a business process management approach to developing and deploying applications by learning about this agency's success in implementing a "business process culture" to solve a major security challenge.

Software AG uses ActiveBPEL (a.k.a. ActiveVOS) to help their customers reuse applications to achieve business integration. However, technology was not the only criterion for selecting a SOA orchestration solution. "We were also seeking a partner with a clear vision and a strong sense of independence," said Dr. Ried. "Active Endpoints is a leader in the BPEL standards process, and they articulated a clear vision of where BPEL fit within the emerging SOA fabric. In the end, Active Endpoints' technology focus and thought leadership convinced us that we had found the best partner."

The centerpiece of Synovus' SOA implementation is its visual orchestration system, ActiveVOS. Synovus approached their SOA as a philosophy and they get payback every single day. Without Internet banking, they were running 4M transactions/month. Now they are running 20M transactions/month - in just three years.

Siemens healthcare and its systems integrator partner TANNER AG selected ActiveVOS to streamline and integrate product documentation production applications. This multi-year initiative to modernize and streamline the entire on-demand content management and product documentation process saved Siemens over $1.13 million per year (€ 900,000).

Tele2, one of Europe's leading telecom operators, selected ActiveVOS to integrate its core billing and provisioning applications via web services. ActiveVOS easily handled over a million transactions per month and provided Tele2 the confidence that it could scale. Implemented in a third of the time compared to the previous solution, ActiveVOS allowed for critical cross-departmental collaboration that was not previously available.

Toyota Motor Europe has successfully deployed a sales education application that uses ActiveVOS™ for user provisioning and access to an education application. The new services-based application utilizes ActiveVOS capabilities including rapid development and deployment, integrated testing and market-leading support of industry-standards including the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) to ensure all field personnel have quick and easy access to their internal learning management system.

Trafigura Ltd, one of the largest independent companies trading commodities, needed to create a platform capable of producing a number of sophisticated commodities market risk reports on a daily basis, in a reliable and timely manner. The platform was intended to be simple to maintain and extend as the company grows and trades new classes of financial instruments. After careful consideration, the ActiveVOS BPEL engine was selected.

Western Governors University (WGU) needed a dynamic IT infrastructure that could keep up with rapidly changing business requirements, without having to invest huge amounts of time or money. Specifically, WGU needed to find a way to automate and optimize its student change management process, as well as provide students with web-based access to manage their accounts. They also wanted to reduce the headcount required to manage the process.