Please note that Socrates is now part of the ActiveVOS Service Provider Edition.


Socrates is an innovative solution for building simple, yet powerful web applications that guide users to specified outcomes.

Socrates dramatically changes the way IT and domain experts collaborate to create these prescriptive applications quickly and easily. The power of Socrates is that it allows a domain expert to design and deploy a screenflow based application in minutes with no training or technical skills. Screenflow based applications include both question oriented workflows and automated services to complete a task for a specific job function in the most productive manner possible.

Socrates has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Its web-based designer makes it easy to capture domain expertise and publish the result as a web application in just a few minutes. You don't need to be a programmer or web developer, just open a browser and begin.

One example of a business that can benefit from Socrates is a call center. The call center agent uses a Socrates application to walk through a set of screens to quickly resolve customer issues. Other examples include diagnosing hardware problems, navigating a refund process or walking sales people through an upsell promotion.

The best way to experience the power and simplicity of Socrates is to try it yourself. Our instant trial only requires a web browser and doesn't install any client software. Click the button below and start today or download our whitepaper to learn more.

Note: The instant trial requires one of the following browsers: Chrome 9, Firefox 3.6, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or Safari 5. By clicking on the button above you are agreeing to the Socrates Terms of Use.



Easy to use web based editor The key to productivity is providing a tool that is simple enough that you don't need a technical degree to use them. Socrates is so easy to use that experts in any domain can create and deploy screenflow applications by themselves in minutes.
Guidance tree-based workflows A guidance tree is an application built with the web editor that begins with a single starting point and branches to steps that have different outcomes.

Each step can only be one of a few types that makes the design process extremely quick and simple.
Automated steps Automated steps allow Socrates to "do work" without any intervention from the end user. Examples include running system tests or retrieving customer information.

The author of the guidance tree simply chooses them from a set of automated steps that were created and installed by their IT team.
Data dictionary The system-wide data dictionary defines field names and their meanings, but without the complexity of data mapping. Once a dictionary includes an entry for "Agent ID", then it's immediately available to use in a guidance tree step.
On demand guidance tree publishing. A single button allows the domain expert to publish their guidance tree application once authoring has been completed. A published application is immediately available to use.
Enterprise scalability Socrates leverages the rock-solid ActiveVOS runtime that has been proven to scale and integrates easily with any existing infrastructure.