ActiveVOS Server Features

High Performance Process Engine

ActiveVOS Server is the runtime environment that scales to meet the needs of enterprises of any size. It can be rapidly incorporated into Oracle® WebLogic Server®, IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, Red Hat JBoss® Application Server and Apache Tomcat production environment and meets rigorous availability, scalability and performance requirements.

Business Continuity

ActiveVOS Server provides a number of sophisticated features to ensure business continuity. Process servers can be deployed as a cluster in failover mode to ensure high-availability. See more.

Process versioning and migration permits the deployment of multiple versions of a process without needing to terminate existing running instances if this is desired. Otherwise, pre-existing processes can be terminated or migrated to the latest version. Hide this content.

Multi-site Clustering

Mission-critical deployments that require the reliability and scale provided by geographically distributed data centers can leverage the multi-site capabilities of ActiveVOS Server.


ActiveVOS Server is ideal for service providers who wish to securely partition ActiveVOS into discrete groups to reduce management complexity and increase hardware utilization of large installations. With a multi-tenant architecture, each client organization (or tenant) shares hardware and software resources, but has their own private and secure access to ActiveVOS functionality.

A Wealth of Integrated Services

ActiveVOS Server simplifies the integration of people and systems by providing a broad range of in-built services. These include alerts, data access, identity, email, messaging, eventing, logging and reporting.

Enterprise Ready

With support for Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), ActiveVOS Server readily integrates with standard data center infrastructures. Native support for: Oracle® WebLogic Server®, IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, Red Hat JBoss® Application Server and Apache Tomcat. See more.

Rich Policy-based configuration capabilities allow runtime behavior to be configured and not coded. Supports a rich set of enterprise configuration options through WS-Policy assertions. Also support for WS-Security – Authentication, Encryption & Signature; SAML 1.1/2.0; WS-Reliable Exchange – guaranteed message delivery; and retry quality of service policy. Hide this content.

Server-based Message Correlation

The ActiveVOS Server frees the developer from runtime concerns by natively supporting long running transaction message correlation and service communication. You can start crucial, long-running work – including human tasks – that might represent weeks or even months of work at one site and continue or complete it at another site in the event of a failure at the source.

Open Administration APIs and SDK

Download and use the software development kit to build unique and custom process management applications. The API provides access to process and alarm information, queue management functions and process database storage information. Standard Web-Service protocols such as XML, JSON (RESTful) and SOAP are supported. Get started quickly with comprehensive documentation, Java bindings and sample code.