ActiveVOS Screenflow Features

Easy-to-use Web-based Editor

Productivity is achieved by providing tools that are simple to use, but don't compromise on power. ActiveVOS Screenflow's web-based editor is so easy to use that experts in any domain can create and deploy sophisticated screenflow applications, without requiring a technical degree.

Patented Tree-based Workflow

At the heart of each screenflow application is our patent pending-tree technology, that we call "Guidance Trees". Each Guidance tree begins with a single starting point that branches to steps that have different outcomes. Each step can only be one of a few types and therefore designing processes to walk users through repetitive activities becomes extremely quick and simple.

Guidance Tree Steps

A step allows ActiveVOS Screenflow to "do work", whether this is getting input from the user or accessing data from a remote system. The author of the guidance tree simply chooses the right step from a drop-down menu to add the action to the screenflow application.

One-Click Publish

There's no hanging around once the screenflow is built. A single click of the publish button makes the screenflow application ready for use by anyone.

Customizable Application Interfaces

With powerful form editing and customizable theming it's a breeze to to create screenflow applications that match your own corporate look-and-feel. The form editor supports masked fields for date, time, date-time, text area, phone and social security numbers. The form editor can also incorporate data fetched from remote systems inside its bounded input area.

Searching Guidance Tree Tagging

The screenflow editor includes a very intuitive search box that makes it easy to find text on the canvas or inside any screen step. In addition, tagging organizes and optimizes guidance trees for quick access.

Broad Internet Browser Support

ActiveVOS Screenflow leverages the power of HTML5 for design, and HTML to run guides making it desktop and tablet ready.