ActiveVOS Automation for Analysts Features

Simplified Process Development Environment

The simplified process palette lets business people create, update and deploy any BPMN 2.0 compliant process models, within the controlled bounds set by the development team. The analyst simply drags-and-drops pre-defined activities, services and pattern icons from the palette onto the canvas to implement the process's control flow.

Highly Customizable Design Environment

The ActiveVOS Automation for Analysts design environment is highly customizable and can be configured in a number of ways to suit your analyst's needs. Customization is extremely granular and will allow you to grant the business analyst as much or as little process design functionality as you feel comfortable.

Shared Workspaces for Collaborative Development

Although the analyst works on a personal copy of process project, this doesn't mean they work in isolation. A shared project workspace ensures that that you and your analysts cooperatively develop and reference the same set of project resources.

One-Click Publish

Once the business analyst has completed modeling the process, they autonomously publish and deploy a working process with a single-push of a button in the design environment.