Workflow Management

ActiveVOS Business Process Management (BPM) helps you design, develop, deploy and maintain your business processes, which may consist of workflows, composite applications and web services. Processes may include human tasks, system tasks and a mixture of the two in any combination. The ActiveVOS BPM system is based on standards like WS-HumanTask, which means deployed workflows are not tied to a proprietary workflow engine.

Workflow ManagementWorkflow management has never been this easy.

Using ActiveVOS for Workflow Management and Workflow Design

Here are some examples of how ActiveVOS can be used to improve your workflow management and design:
  • Model complex processes using BPMN 2.0 which can be easily understood by everyone
  • Introducing a human workflow (or task) into an automated business process
  • Deploy your BPMN 2.0 model directly on a scalable BPEL execution engine
  • Utilize reporting and dashboards to manage running processes
  • Integrate business rules into workflows via rules engines and event processing
ActiveVOS is also designed to allow you to edit exist workflows easily, without the need to start from scratch.