Media & Entertainment

Relentless competition and constant change are hallmarks of the software industry. Interoperability, portability and standards support are now driving end customer requirements, regardless of whether the end solution is a vertical solution or a horizontal technology stack. Traditional "stove-piped" architectures are rapidly giving way to SOA and its Web services implementation model. Active Endpoints is the world's leading provider of standards-based visual orchestration systems technologies for OEMs and resellers. Our ActiveVOS solutions are designed from the ground up to be embedded into larger systems, allowing vendors to rapidly BPEL-enable their products in a rational, incremental manner. With ActiveVOS support for WS-BPEL Extension for People (BPEL4People), vendors can deliver products with advanced workflow free from the customer challenges presented by proprietary workflow engines. From desktop to mainframe, ActiveVOS provides technology vendors with unmatched ability to deliver on the promises of SOA to their customers.

Selected customers in the media & entertainment industry:

  • Independent Television Facilities Center (ITFC)
  • Music Choice
  • RAI TV (Italian television station)

Business Applications

The application software game is all about speed and flexibility. Many vendors deliver competent functionality, but only the best can implement quickly and deliver highly-customized solutions. What's more, customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility to deploy vendor solutions in both on-demand and site-based configurations.

SOA and BPEL are rapidly becoming the architecture of choice for leading business application ISVs. SOA defines the methods and standards that transform application components into business services, and BPEL delivers the orchestration "glue" that enables the creation of highly customized composite applications.

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS solutions provide all of the speed and flexibility needed to power SOA business applications. And ActiveVOS's unmatched platform breadth - from small-footprint to JEE - delivers the broadest available range of deployment options. ActiveVOS is the solution of choice for leading business application vendors worldwide.

SOA Infrastructure

Infrastructure software vendors are driving SOA forward by integrating key enabling technologies into coherent, high-value product suites. Service busses provide critical message routing, transformation reliability; adapters retrofit legacy applications with service interfaces, solving key "last mile" challenges; and a multitude of other technologies form the foundation for most SOA applications.

BPEL is the essential underpinning of any SOA technology stack, receiving messages from the bus and orchestrating complex flows across all service endpoints. However, developing a world-class BPEL solution in a cost-effective and timely manner is not practical for most SOA infrastructure vendors.

Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS products are the solution of choice for a growing list of prestigious infrastructure software vendors.

Why? Because ActiveVOS was developed from the ground up to integrate into complementary technology stacks. ActiveVOS's pluggable architecture makes integration a breeze; its performance and scalability are the envy of the competition; and its platform breadth supports all of the major enterprise deployment requirements - from small footprint to JEE.

Electronic Markets

Electronic commerce is exploding. Traditional EDI networks are evolving to accommodate Web services; private trading exchanges are appearing daily; and hosted application vendors are experiencing rapid growth in business integration opportunities.

BPEL has emerged as the definitive standard for managing complex transactions across heterogeneous and trusted trading networks. BPEL's robust orchestration constructs are designed specifically to handle the demands of sophisticated electronic markets.

As the leading developer of VOS, Active Endpoints is the ideal partner for electronic market communities. The flexible architecture of our ActiveVOS products allows marketplace hosts to quickly and easily deliver solutions that suit the unique needs of all trading community participants. ActiveVOS dramatically reduces the time and costs of deploying a wide variety of electronic trading exchange applications.