Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

As companies seek to link their existing software applications with each other and with portals, the ability to get their applications to exchange data has become critical. EAI is usually close to the top of any CIO’s list of concerns. There are different approaches to EAI. Some rely on linking specific applications with tailored code, but most rely on generic solutions, typically called middleware. XML, combined with SOAP and UDDI is a kind of middleware.

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Analyst Joshua Greenbaum asserts that, using SOA, "Whether a company is developing the business services that are to become part of the composite applications repertoire, wrapping legacy systems as services, or developing and deploying composite applications in a service oriented architecture, the potential cost savings over existing or previous methodologies will be significant."

Learn more about ActiveVOS's integration with Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) web services interfaces.

This paper compares and contrasts two different SOA technologies and how to leverage them to realize the promise of a true service-oriented architecture.

This video describes how the ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) can be combined with the Alfresco enterprise content management systems (ECM) to create compelling end-to-end business applications. ActiveVOS and Alfresco implement the new Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS), enabling these two important technologies to seamlessly work together to produce a new generation of business process applications.

Learn how to make a local call from a process to Java code or from Java code to a process

Download an orchestration project that demonstrates ActiveVOS's integration with Alfresco ECM's CMIS interfaces

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