Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

A pre-Internet system for exchanging data between organizations. EDI requires that organizations standardize terms and invest heavily in computers and the maintenance of the EDI software. Although some companies use EDI systems and will only phase them out slowly, EDI is being replaced by less expensive Internet systems and protocols like XML.

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Learn about ActiveVOS 8.0's Data Access Service

This sample demonstrates best practices for communication using messages that contain complex data types. Also discussed is the procedure for generating a Java client

ActiveVOS Database Table Lookup Descriptions

ActiveVOS 8.0 Data Sources

ActiveVOS 7.1.2 Data Sources for User Reports

Download the ActiveVOS data sheets

In previous episodes, Michael Rowley explained how the Web-based Screenflow Designer (formerly Socrates) simplified the design of screenflow applications through the innovative concept of guidance trees. In this episode, Michael also demonstrated how the Web-based Screenflow Designer also simplifies how the data is used. We saw how screenflows could call automated steps, but unlike technologies that have come before, did not require the designer to map input and output parameters to variables. This unique approach allowed the domain expert to focus on creating the guidance tree logic and delegated the complexity of data mapping to the developer instead.

This technical note describes three configurations of the ActiveVOS Identity Service using: Apache Tomcat/MySQL, JBoss/Oracle DB, and Oracle WebLogic/Oracle DB.

Review a technical note and an accompanying project describing how to implement processes that leverage ActiveVOS's "Data Access Service"

Today, we launched Active 9.0 Enterprise Edition and a new Data Center Edition. The new releases offer multi-tenancy, high scalability and secure multi-site clustering for private clouds and SaaS providers. Details are in the press release below.

Download “just the facts” about Cloud Extend for Salesforce in this handy primer.

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