Document Management

A system for storing and securing electronic documents, images, and other files within an organization. The term used to imply the management of documents after they were scanned into the computer. Today, the term has become an umbrella under which document imaging, workflow, text retrieval and multimedia fall.

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A survey of the vendors featured in the Ovum Decision Matrix report and other prominent BPM vendors reveal the very positive news that BPM is one of the few rapidly growing enterprise software markets. This report explores the competitive dynamics within the BPM market, and helps businesses select a vendor based on its technology strength, reputation among customers, and impact on the market. Ovum provides a complete view of vendor capabilities and advises on those that businesses should consider.

This video describes how the ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) can be combined with the Alfresco enterprise content management systems (ECM) to create compelling end-to-end business applications. ActiveVOS and Alfresco implement the new Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS), enabling these two important technologies to seamlessly work together to produce a new generation of business process applications.

Documentation for Web Service Interaction using JMS . It is a companion piece to the "Web Services Interaction using JMS " video above.

What is BPEL? presentation

View the XML Schema presentation slides

View the WSDL definitions primer slides

View the WSDL definitions primer slides

View the Partner Interaction in BPEL primer slides

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The WS-HumanTask Service SDK documentation

ActiveVOS Identity Service SDK Documentation

The ActiveVOS JSON Binding SDK documentation

ActiveVOS Central SDK Documentation

The ActiveVOS Server provides an administration interface that is accessible via WSDL-defined web service invocations or directly using Java classes. This SDK includes projects and documentation describing how to interact with the API using both techniques. This SDK was developed using version 7.x of ActiveVOS.

The ActiveVOS Scheduling SDK exposes operations to create, edit, delete, list, set and run a schedule for a process.

ActiveVOS Documentation

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