Ad Hoc Workflow Systems

Workflow systems that wait on users to indicate what should happen next. An insurance system might pull up documents for an underwriter only on request. Compare with Administrative and Transaction or Production Workflow Systems.

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Analyst Sandra Rogers says that "organizations are discovering that the use of more visual and self-documenting solutions can better ensure that requirements are commonly understood and agreed upon, and measure if certain business goals met. Utilizing a BPMS like ActiveVOS can help individuals capture current and future states. It allows for multiple and concurrent cycles while designing and enhancing business processes. Because of this, BPMS software can greatly impact overall business results."

Forrester has identified 15 key technology components and evaluated their current and future ecosystem phase, business value-add, and overall trajectory to support a more thorough planning of BPM program efforts (Forrester subscription required).

Neil-Ward Dutton, Research Director of MWD Advisors, and Dr. Michael Rowley, CTO, Active Endpoints, presented a practical webinar on the theory and practice of BPM and process automation. Neil explained the history of applications development and how the old way of developing requirements and then "throwing them over the wall" is no longer viable. Michael described how ActiveVOS, Active Endpoints' BPMS, and its process automation capabilities, easily define the workflow required and immediate runtime using BPMN, BPEL and other web services open standards.

This episode takes a look at how it is possible to meld the "Wild West" control flow of BPMN 2.0 with the more buttoned-down control flow of BPEL. Rowley gives an example of a BPEL extension that effectively marries these two standards in a way that preserves the best of both BPMN modeling and BPEL execution.

This video describes how the ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) can be combined with the Alfresco enterprise content management systems (ECM) to create compelling end-to-end business applications. ActiveVOS and Alfresco implement the new Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS), enabling these two important technologies to seamlessly work together to produce a new generation of business process applications.


Download ActiveVOS 7 and 8 SDKs. The ActiveVOS WS-HumanTask API, ActiveVOS Identity Service API, ActiveVOS JSON Binding, and ActiveVOS Central SDKs are distributed with the ActiveVOS SDKs download package.

Download the ActiveVOS Central 7.1.2 Language Pack

The ActiveVOS Server provides an administration interface that is accessible via WSDL-defined web service invocations or directly using Java classes. This SDK includes projects and documentation describing how to interact with the API using both techniques. This SDK was developed using version 7.x of ActiveVOS.