Technical Notes

This page consolidates links to ActiveVOS planning, performance, sizing, maintenance, SSO and troubleshooting. Please also check out the ActiveVOS feature/benefits page.

Planning and performance tuning

Standards and technologies

Describes the core technologies that ActiveVOS implements

Learn about ActiveVOS Server architectural components

This document describes the use of standards offered by ActiveVOS. The document first describes ActiveVOS and its components to help readers get situated with respect to where a standard applies.


This document summarizes the steps of deploying ActiveVOS on the IBM WebSphere Platform.

This document summarizes the steps of deploying ActiveVOS on Oracle WebLogic.

This technical note describes three configurations of the ActiveVOS Identity Service using: Apache Tomcat/MySQL, JBoss/Oracle DB, and Oracle WebLogic/Oracle DB.

This technical note explains how to setup the ActiveVOS Identity Service to use LDAP based authorization

This document offers tips for installing and upgrading ActiveVOS.

This technical note describes how to cluster ActiveVOS Nodes with JBoss.

Learn how to setup ActiveVOS MultiSite Clustering.

This technical note describes the steps to add a new site to an existing Multisite environment as well as Oracle database synchronization and troubleshooting details.

This technical note describes detailed recovery procedures of a MultiSite deployment

Learn how to configure ActiveVOS Central with Apache Load Balancers to ensure high availability.

Build and Deploy

The ability to integrate ActiveVOS builds into pre-existing build environments is often necessary. This technical note describes how to achieve this with ANT and Maven.


Monitoring and Notifications

Create, deploy and register a BPEL Process that uses the Identity and Email Services in the ActiveVOS Server to respond to alerts generated by the Alert Service

The ActiveVOS Server provides engine monitoring, and if desired, the option to trigger an alert to notify an administrator when a monitored property has a warning or error condition. Create, deploy and register a Monitoring Alert Service BPEL Process

Single Sign-On

38 mins

Database sizing