Standard Education Center

Unit 01: IntroductionUnit 02: Partner Interaction
Unit 03: ActiveBPEL DesignerUnit 04: BPEL Processes
Unit 05: Essential Global DeclarationsUnit 06: Interaction Activities
Unit 07: Sequence ActivityUnit 08: Assignments
Unit 09: CorrelationUnit 10: Scope Activity
Unit 11: FaultsUnit 12: Compensation
Unit 13: Event HandlersUnit 14: Termination Handlers
Unit 15: Conditional ActivitiesUnit 16: More Basic Activities
Unit 17: Flow ActivityUnit 18: Pick Activity
Unit 19: Looping ActivitiesUnit 20: AB Extensions
Unit 21: Advanced BPEL TopicsUnit 22: Simulation
Unit 23: DeploymentUnit 24: Admin Console
Unit 25: Remote Debugging

The self-paced edition of Active Endpoints' comprehensive BPEL Fundamentals and BPEL Intermediate courseware. This course is also available via live instruction.

Communicate with the ActiveBPEL Server Administration Interface via the published web services API in ActiveBPEL Server PE, EE or CE Engine.

6 mins
A short introduction to BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), the native execution language of SOA.

The basics of SOA-based service orchestration for Java developers.

12 mins
A video about XML schema, a prerequisite for creating BPEL processes

12 mins
A video about WSDL definitions, a prerequisite for creating BPEL processes