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Unit 01: IntroductionUnit 02: Partner Interaction
Unit 03: ActiveBPEL DesignerUnit 04: BPEL Processes
Unit 05: Essential Global DeclarationsUnit 06: Interaction Activities
Unit 07: Sequence ActivityUnit 08: Assignments
Unit 09: CorrelationUnit 10: Scope Activity
Unit 11: FaultsUnit 12: Compensation
Unit 13: Event HandlersUnit 14: Termination Handlers
Unit 15: Conditional ActivitiesUnit 16: More Basic Activities
Unit 17: Flow ActivityUnit 18: Pick Activity
Unit 19: Looping ActivitiesUnit 20: AB Extensions
Unit 21: Advanced BPEL TopicsUnit 22: Simulation
Unit 23: DeploymentUnit 24: Admin Console
Unit 25: Remote Debugging

Create, deploy and register a BPEL Process that uses the Identity and Email Services in ActiveBPEL Server to respond to alerts generated by the Alert Service.

The self-paced edition of Active Endpoints' comprehensive BPEL Fundamentals and BPEL Intermediate courseware. This course is also available via live instruction.

6 mins
A short introduction to BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), the native execution language of SOA.

The basics of SOA-based service orchestration for Java developers.

12 mins
A video about XML schema, a prerequisite for creating BPEL processes

12 mins
A video about WSDL definitions, a prerequisite for creating BPEL processes