CTO Tuesdays #42: Should you bet on jBPM?

November 4th, 2010 by Michael Rowley

In this edition of CTO Tuesdays, I looked at jBPM and asked the kinds of questions that I believe architects and project managers should ask before betting a project on jBPM technology. I started the talk with a quick discussion of how I chose the version of jBPM to evaluate. I ended up choosing jBPM v3, since jBPM v4 will never be productized and jBPM v5 isn’t done yet.

jBPM v3 is a mature technology that has continued to get new releases, so it seems to be the most relevant. The kinds of issues I looked into included the following:

  • Is jBPM well suited to a service-oriented architecture?
  • What is jPDL good at and what is it bad at?
  • Once you’ve created a model, how hard is it to get the process to execute?
  • Does jBPM’s “Process Virtual Machine” protect your investment in any way?
  • How easy is it to include human tasks in process? Do they use standardized technology?

These and other questions are addressed as I provide a high-level look at jBPM 3 technology.

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