Process Patterns

The content on this page will help you understand constructs for message correlation, asynchronous interaction, engine-managed correlation and more.

Learn how to communicate between web services using Asynchronous Message Exchange patterns.

30 mins
Dr. Michael Rowley, CTO, Active Endpoints compares and contrasts two different styles of message correlation. In episode #4, Michael Rowley outlined message correlation as defined by the BPEL standard. In this episode, Michael Rowley illustrates a different style of correlation, which relies on the execution engine to correlate incoming messages to specific processes. Michael Rowley also describes when and how each style (BPEL-managed vs. engine-managed) can be used and notes some pros and cons for each style.

36 mins
The subject of this webinar is message correlation, an interesting topic that details how systems match up running processes and the messages for those running processes.

Create, deploy and register a BPEL Process that can interact with data in SOAP Attachments sent as part of a request message.

Use a termination handler to control the termination of a process.